Horses in my barn will always be sparkling from the inside out. I pride myself with a great feeding program that encourages my stock to look like the champions they will learn to be. The athletes in my care will also have use of a Teraplate Therapy table to help improve joint function, reduce soreness, reducing stress, and prevent injuries. 

My program centers around respect and softness. The goal for you horse is a relaxed, soft and responsive mount that uses themselves to their greatest potential. I have a very honest relationship with my customers and appreciate each horse and person on an individual level. 

 I am thankful that I have the opportunity to show some great horses again this year. I have a big passion for the event of reining. I can't express how much I appreciate the minds and athletic ability of the horses and thrill that comes with riding them. 

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Ashley Peterson Horse Training 
Red River Valley Shows
 Crookston, Minnesota.
200 x 100 indoor arena
Riding area outside
Turnout pen
Custom made stalls
Great feeding program
Cattle exposure
Wash stall
Tera Plate Therapy